Kids Video Portraits

As a parent you’re aware of how quickly your kids are growing up. Do you look at your child and wish you could capture them just as they are in this moment? You can!

If you live in the Los Angeles area we can film a custom HD video in your home, where your child is most comfortable and natural. We will contact you before hand to discuss the best day and time, and also learn about what your child is interested in. That way we can have some good questions and conversation topics to engage them when we arrive. Watch the “How It Works” video below to learn more. We can also film special events such as Birthdays, Family Reunions and more. You can watch samples of our “Kids Video Portraits” below.

Contact us to get an estimate.  323-645-5944

Maya – Full Package, Interview & Activity Montage

Lily Williams, Full Package, Interview & Activity Montage

Video Portraits – How it works

Lucio – Full Package, Interview & Activity Montage

Pia – Sample, Interview

Max – Interview Only