My husband and I have worked in the film/video production business for the past 20 years, and We’ve been lucky enough to live in the South Bay for the past 15 years. When my son was born I quickly realized what a truly special gift it is to have a child. I wanted to capture every single moment with him in video and photos. I started creating little highlight videos for every milestone: 1st 6 months, 1st Birthday, etc. Once he started really talking, he would make us laugh out loud every morning by the silly things he would say. I started recording him talking in his high chair, and car seat on the way to daycare, and these eventually evolved into the little interviews we’re doing today. Once I started sharing these interview videos to my friends and family, they really enjoyed them, and they started asking me if I could film one with their child. That’s how Smile Pixels came to be, and we hope to create an impressive gift that will have you laughing and reminiscing for years to come.